The landscape is covered in snow, slush and ice. Some herbs have died
and others, like the trees, have simply gone to sleep. Let’s dream with
them, in their blankets of winter under starry skies in the mountains of
so-called val-david.

Plants have wisdom. Any one of us who have worked with them with any
kind of patience know this. They have their language, their spirituality
and their way of being.

With this awe and curiosity in my heart, we invite you to spend some
time at the Bulbs where we will share our knowledge and our skills. This
will not be like purchasing pre-packaged herbs in a store. This will be
more like listening to the sleepy speech of plants as they communicate
their wisdom and medicine. Here, we hope to get to know plants with
ecstatic curiosity.

When: Tuesday-Friday February 2-5
You may arrive after **(time)** on Tuesday, February 2nd. People are
welcome to leave any time. We will collectively leave by **(time)** on
Friday February 5th.

The mornings of February 3rd and 4th will begin with sitspot. This is
quiet time in the house. You can choose to sleep in if you like 😉
or you can choose to bundle up and head outside. You can also cozy up by
a window. Quiet time will be until 10am.

Over breakfast we will share what we have seen: birds, clouds, trees,
wind, our dreams… we will share all that there is that the quietness
has gifted us. In this loud world, it can be a blessing to experience
the space that quiet grants us.

Then, Anne will bring us through a process called open format, which
will help us to collectively plan our days together. It is quite
remarkable what we can accomplish through this open format, keeping in
mind our goals for being there.

We will get out of this gathering what we give to it, so we invite
everyone to bring food to share (whole, simple foods that we can prepare
together), and inspiration, ideas and materials to share. You can
propose a session so please don’t be shy to dream about what this
gathering can be.

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