——————————–      the gift is in the making         ——————————–
  # tea                                                         # space          
                    # bread
                                       # poems
                                                                              # dreams
                                                       # nothing
                           # little                      
                                       # rituals                           
        # paper                
                                                                     # what we need
                            # ski     
                                                         # fires
           # frienship                                                   
                                   # music
                                                                                             #(name it)
the gift is in the making is the title of a tale book writen by Leanne Simpson
wonderful abishinabe radical feminist poet whom i fell in love with last year
last winter, i had given the title of her book to a few days of sharing and making
that were organised at the bulbs 
with the openspace methodology
the bulb is a cabin situated in val david
3235 Laverdure
it is a vegetarian house
queer, poc, family and animals friendly, (with special attention to pay for allergic friends)
unfortunatly, it is not accessible for wheel chair
this gathring is a way to spend some time together
resting, making and sharing things
and not buying much
for a change
i would like to host this gatherint again this winter
and separate it into 2 moments
 22-23-24-25  :  Closing times
 cozy days for rituals, board game, cooking, circle of empathy, swaing, music playing, smooth times for movies and poetry
 bring paper, letter, to burn or to recycle
(we’ll make a big outdoor fire and we could also build a recycling machine and make new paper out of it)
along with paint, brush, candles, tea, chocolate, tales, games, 
and tiny things to share, learn, teach to each other
 31-1-2-3 :   New beginings !
  a coming back to life, aware of its roots and past and full of new energies
 bring projects, workshops, dreams, tools, new ideas, wishes, to share and sparkle the coming year
For both gatherings:
     the bulbs can host 13 people to sleep
     we could arrive at around 4 pm on the 1st day
     and leave the bulbs clean, the last morning at around 11 am
     we’ll use openspace methodology to organise us collectivly
     along with talking circle every morning at around 9 (and if we want, closing circle every evening too)
     if possible, bring your sleeping bag, 
     some food to share (vegan/vegetarian)
     some creative tools, game, tale, ideas to play with
     something to give to the house (she likes this: 
         The General  page for this event is here
If you want to participate to any or both of this gathering
please indicate:
     1. your days of presence and times of travel
     2. if you have a car (and how many sits)
     3. if you need a car (for how many live beings)
     4. special needs or allergies
     5. what you think of bringing
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